Butt Dots, Ombre Skinnies, and Floral Pants

My friend April and I are on some freaky parallel fashion wavelength at the moment. We both recently purchased a pair of lil’ boots (although they were different ones) and today we both online-window-shopped during our lunch hour for a pair of polka-dot skinny jeans. I knew there was a good reason we’ve been friends all these years!

Perhaps it is because I am a child of the 90s but I love colored and printed denim. Case in point:

Do not try to tell me that these are all the same jeans. Seriously. Stop it. Notice the different in polka dot placement and size. Don’t even get me started about the color variation and fabric differences! I’m leaning towards the ones in the middle.

It butt dots don’t do it for you, maybe this pair of ombre skinnies will have you wishing for a new pair of colored denim.

Ombre Skinny Jeans

Free People Ombre Cropped Skinny Jean

And lastly, my floral obsession:


Megaflora Charlie Trousers

I have no idea how these would look in real life, but I willing to give Megaflora a chance.