Swelter Weather, Part 1

Summer is upon us! It’s been muggy, rainy, and just a wee bit hot in the Mid-Atlantic these past few weeks. As a native Texan I know that nothing compares to the 100 degree, 100% humidity summers of Houston, but like all things, hot is a relative term. I packed away the last of my boots and winter Ts earlier this month and have finally decided that I’m mentally ready for shorts.

Shorts are tricky. What’s cute when you’re 18-25 can sometimes be a bit…um…scary when you’re in your 30s. I finally bit the bullet and bought a few pairs for the summer and as always, I have a wishlist in mind.

You know I’m a fan of all things polka-dot, so naturally, I found myself obsessed with these little buggers.

I actually bought these and they are fantastic. Slouchy, cool, easy: They manage to hide the scary inner thigh while still looking classy and fun with a nice pair of flats or wedges. Love ’em with a bright T.

As always, Anthro does not disappoint. I am a fan of these kooky Ikat Shorts in yellow and magenta. It’s a fun contrast and if you’re going to wear color on your butt why not go big?

Coming up in Swelter Weather, Part 2: The search for the perfect tank.