Kids Friday: Hats Adults Wish They Could Wear

Part of growing up means no longer being able to wear animal/vegetable/fruit shaped hats out in public without drawing some serious sideways glances, stares, and stink-eyes. As much as I would love to wear this hat…

Deer Hat

I know that I would end up looking less adorable, quirky indie chick and more crazy lady with an antler fetish.

That’s why I love baby hats. My son is almost 1, and now that he is no longer an immobile infant, he uses every opportunity to yank off the adorable hat I’ve forced on his head. Yet I still continue to buy them and put them on him, because I just can’t help myself. I consider every photo taken with him wearing a duck hat a win for childhood!

Take a look at some of these awesome headpieces:

Owl HatGive a Hoot! I am Cute!
Spud & Chloe Hoot Hat

GAP Favorite Sherpa HatFor baby’s first ice fishing outing?
GAP Favorite Sherpa Trapper Hat

Old Navy Critter-Sherpa HatHow can you go wrong with bear ears?
Old Navy’s Critter-Sherpa Hat