Warby Parker! Warby Parker!

Warby Parker: Webb Frames

I appreciate my contact lenses, but I am usually too lazy to wear them. Wearing dirty contact lenses will give you an eye disease, whereas glasses can be worn with baby-finger smudges, dirt, and eye make-up fudging up the lenses without repercussions (other than looking gross). So my contacts stay in their vacuum-sealed pouches until I need to impress someone and I continue rock the four-eyes look.

For the past year I’ve been sporting a pair of black plastic Dolabany frames with a side-etched circle design courtesy of the hipster fave Smith’s Opticians in Houston, TX. With my baby quickly becoming a toddler who enjoys playing “grab mommy’s glasses,” I need a second pair asap.

The solution? WARBY PARKER! For only $95 you can get a complete pair of glasses mailed to you! The frames are mostly acetate although they’ve just started offering a limited titanium collection. You can do a virtual-try on by uploading a photo (who knew that time spend alone with Apple’s Photobooth would turn out to be worthwhile?) OR you can request up to 5 frames be sent to your home for free for five days to try on and send back. As you can tell, I am sold.

So is a friend of mine, who looks adorable in her Clydes. Clydes!Cute!

I did a bunch of virtual try-ons and after ruling out the ones that made me look like an aging Harry Potter I went with the Webb, Zagg, Finn, Carlen and Colton frames. I’ll post updates when they arrive!