Lil’ Boots*

*Yes, I realize they are called booties, but I will proceed to call all shoes in this post lil’ boots because that is what I like to call them.

When I was in middle school the country fashion trend hit my little part of Texas…hard. People were wearing Wrangler jeans and Roper boots as everyday casual wear and I was one of them. I rocked an awful late 80s/early 90s sideways bang, turquoise acid wash Wranglers and a pair of pearl-gray Ropers to school one day and thought I looked slammin’.

I’ve since given up that hot look but I can’t seem to shake my love of cowboy boots. I am a native Texan, after all. That affinity for pointy toes and leather is just innate. Rather than blow hundreds of dollars on a pair of crazy cowboy boots that I’ll only ever be brave enough to wear around my house, I’m focusing my energies and my dollars on lil’ boots. They’re like mini cowboys for my feet!

Sole Society Elsa BootieSole Society Elsa Bootie

I love these for a fun pop of color with tights.

Toms Wedge BootieTOMS Desert Bootie

If you’re going to spend $90 on a pair of shoes you might as well do some good while you’re at it.

Indigo by Clarks Heath WrenIndigo by Clarks Heath Wren

Confession time: I totally splurged on these. I know it’s just the word “Heath” in the name but I feel like Cathy waiting for Heathcliff in these.

Frye Leslie Zip BootieFrye Leslie Zip Bootie

It’s Frye. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.