Shimmer for Grown Up Ladies

Origins GinZing eyeshadowThose who know me know that I am a huge Mindy Kaling fan. She is simultaneously girlie and bad ass. I’ll admit that her original Things I’ve Bought That I Love blog was the inspiration for my own, and her ruminations on glitter vs. shimmer should be required reading for any woman in her mid-twenties.

The take-away message: “glitter makeup is meant to be worn exclusively by girls up to age 25, people attending Halloween parties, and transvestites…[but] subtle shimmer is great for anyone, no matter how old.”

I couldn’t agree more, Mindy, which is why I can’t help but love Origins GinZing cream eye shadow. I bought the Ginger Zing color which is this amazing (but subtle!) shimmery peach-gold that’s easy enough for an eye makeup dummy like me to apply. It’s become my go-to eyeshadow and now I want one in every color.


Drowned Rat Chic

Living in Houston for as long as I did, I am no stranger to rainy days (or weeks, or months). I thought that moving to Maryland would put an end to frizzy hair, wet jean cuffs and ruined shoes. My extremely poor grasp of non-Texas U.S. geography placed MD in the Northeast, when really it’s in the mid-Atlantic: home to hurricanes AND nor’easters. Rain gear here is a must, and although I have my collection of trusty apparel, I’d love to add any of these to my rainy day wardrobe.

UGG Australia Sabene Boot
Stomping in puddles never looked so chic!
UGG Australia Sabene Boot from Nordstrom

Clear Bubble UmbrellaI’ve been wanting one of these since 2008
Clear Bubble Umbrella from Target

BR Classic Belted TrenchFor the classy ladies
Classic Belted Trench from Banana Republic

Warby Parker! Warby Parker!

Warby Parker: Webb Frames

I appreciate my contact lenses, but I am usually too lazy to wear them. Wearing dirty contact lenses will give you an eye disease, whereas glasses can be worn with baby-finger smudges, dirt, and eye make-up fudging up the lenses without repercussions (other than looking gross). So my contacts stay in their vacuum-sealed pouches until I need to impress someone and I continue rock the four-eyes look.

For the past year I’ve been sporting a pair of black plastic Dolabany frames with a side-etched circle design courtesy of the hipster fave Smith’s Opticians in Houston, TX. With my baby quickly becoming a toddler who enjoys playing “grab mommy’s glasses,” I need a second pair asap.

The solution? WARBY PARKER! For only $95 you can get a complete pair of glasses mailed to you! The frames are mostly acetate although they’ve just started offering a limited titanium collection. You can do a virtual-try on by uploading a photo (who knew that time spend alone with Apple’s Photobooth would turn out to be worthwhile?) OR you can request up to 5 frames be sent to your home for free for five days to try on and send back. As you can tell, I am sold.

So is a friend of mine, who looks adorable in her Clydes. Clydes!Cute!

I did a bunch of virtual try-ons and after ruling out the ones that made me look like an aging Harry Potter I went with the Webb, Zagg, Finn, Carlen and Colton frames. I’ll post updates when they arrive!

Cashmere Love

I do not consider myself to be a preppy lady, but there’s something about cashmere that makes me want to slip on a pair of Coach loafers, pick up a Dooney & Bourke bag and drive off in my BMW to some WASPy hangout like Talbots or a polo match.

Of course it feels amazing on your skin, but cashmere has a lot more going for it than making you more grope-able. It’s just so effortless. A cashmere piece adds instant style (evidence displayed below).

Collection cashmere herringbone sweaterMy hair would look great if I was wearing this
Collection Cashmere Herringbone Sweater from J.Crew.

Cashmere Open CardiganI feel like this is a rich person’s version of a track suit.
Cashmere Open Cardigan from Banana Republic.

Diane von Furstenberg Kenley Cashmere ScarfThis scarf makes me want a gimlet.
Diane von Furstenberg Kenley Cashmere Scarf from Nordstrom

Kids Friday: Hats Adults Wish They Could Wear

Part of growing up means no longer being able to wear animal/vegetable/fruit shaped hats out in public without drawing some serious sideways glances, stares, and stink-eyes. As much as I would love to wear this hat…

Deer Hat

I know that I would end up looking less adorable, quirky indie chick and more crazy lady with an antler fetish.

That’s why I love baby hats. My son is almost 1, and now that he is no longer an immobile infant, he uses every opportunity to yank off the adorable hat I’ve forced on his head. Yet I still continue to buy them and put them on him, because I just can’t help myself. I consider every photo taken with him wearing a duck hat a win for childhood!

Take a look at some of these awesome headpieces:

Owl HatGive a Hoot! I am Cute!
Spud & Chloe Hoot Hat

GAP Favorite Sherpa HatFor baby’s first ice fishing outing?
GAP Favorite Sherpa Trapper Hat

Old Navy Critter-Sherpa HatHow can you go wrong with bear ears?
Old Navy’s Critter-Sherpa Hat

Lil’ Boots*

*Yes, I realize they are called booties, but I will proceed to call all shoes in this post lil’ boots because that is what I like to call them.

When I was in middle school the country fashion trend hit my little part of Texas…hard. People were wearing Wrangler jeans and Roper boots as everyday casual wear and I was one of them. I rocked an awful late 80s/early 90s sideways bang, turquoise acid wash Wranglers and a pair of pearl-gray Ropers to school one day and thought I looked slammin’.

I’ve since given up that hot look but I can’t seem to shake my love of cowboy boots. I am a native Texan, after all. That affinity for pointy toes and leather is just innate. Rather than blow hundreds of dollars on a pair of crazy cowboy boots that I’ll only ever be brave enough to wear around my house, I’m focusing my energies and my dollars on lil’ boots. They’re like mini cowboys for my feet!

Sole Society Elsa BootieSole Society Elsa Bootie

I love these for a fun pop of color with tights.

Toms Wedge BootieTOMS Desert Bootie

If you’re going to spend $90 on a pair of shoes you might as well do some good while you’re at it.

Indigo by Clarks Heath WrenIndigo by Clarks Heath Wren

Confession time: I totally splurged on these. I know it’s just the word “Heath” in the name but I feel like Cathy waiting for Heathcliff in these.

Frye Leslie Zip BootieFrye Leslie Zip Bootie

It’s Frye. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

On My Arm

Whenever I carry around a Fossil bag I feel fashionable, smart, important, and like I could at any moment write the next great American novel. Right now I’m rockin’ this Fossil Key-Per tote as my work bag:

Fossil Key-Per Toteand while I love the burst of color it gives me everyday, I long for a more classic Fossil style like this one:

Fossil Vintage Revival Flap Fossil Vintage Revival Flap Bag

I see it casually laying on a table in a too-cool-for-school cafe while I sip a chai latte and pull back my fabulous hair (because it is always fabulous in my fashion fantasies).