Drowned Rat Chic

Living in Houston for as long as I did, I am no stranger to rainy days (or weeks, or months). I thought that moving to Maryland would put an end to frizzy hair, wet jean cuffs and ruined shoes. My extremely poor grasp of non-Texas U.S. geography placed MD in the Northeast, when really it’s in the mid-Atlantic: home to hurricanes AND nor’easters. Rain gear here is a must, and although I have my collection of trusty apparel, I’d love to add any of these to my rainy day wardrobe.

UGG Australia Sabene Boot
Stomping in puddles never looked so chic!
UGG Australia Sabene Boot from Nordstrom

Clear Bubble UmbrellaI’ve been wanting one of these since 2008
Clear Bubble Umbrella from Target

BR Classic Belted TrenchFor the classy ladies
Classic Belted Trench from Banana Republic


2 thoughts on “Drowned Rat Chic

  1. I’ve been looking for the perfect umbrella and boots to match a raincoat I bought years ago (now that I walk so far from my car to work these things are important). The jacket is tan with navy and light blue polkadots. I think navy boots and a clear umbrella with a navy border would be awesome!

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